G Suite Enhancing Education (Google Apps For Education).

Google is an academic-friendly site where everything is provided. All students ought to be using google relevant suits to excel in their academics. Throughout the globe, academics involves a lot of paper works. This has to significant extension been reduced by google services. Availability of all the below platforms is a great boost in the academic sector.

Google scholar

Google scholar is a platform created by the google for scholars to excel in their studies. It is a web search engine that is freely accessible by any interested student. Google scholar contains scholar literature that is found in contents of different disciplines. There are online academic books, conference papers, academic journals, abstracts, technical reports and many others. Scholars are able to get the open access articles without difficulties. This has enhanced education across the world to many students. Quality education has been facilitated by google scholar because of the rich database full of excellent academic documents.

Google classroom

This is another google platform where schools have a paperless way of creating assignments through google drive and communicate through  Gmail. Schools are able to create, distribute and grade assignments without using papers. Google classroom has advanced so much that, on 2nd August 2014 it launched an application by the name Google Apps for Education. This app solves the inconveniences of traveling to the classroom.


Gmail has been a communication platform for students and their teachers. Assignments are submitted through the Gmail accounts created by individuals or a classGmaill account. Notes are also sent via Gmail accounts. This has lessened paper works and movements are teachers do not have to move to give the students notes to their classrooms in hard copies. Students can even share notes and revision materials through Gmail accounts.Everyone who has aGmaill account has a secure custody for keeping study materials that cannot be accessed without ones permission. It aslo saves on space.

Google alerts

This is another essential platform that enables change detection and provides notification services to the students. This service is offered by search engines. Scientific research, blogs and newspaper articles are generated where searched. Education is enhanced by this platform

Google talk and hangouts.

Students can form discussion groups through google talks and hangouts. Teachers find it easier to explain some concepts in the platform where every student can participate fro wherever he or she is. This has reduced and on time.

Google drive

This is a service founded by google whose work is to synchronize and also used as a file storage. Many files are stored here for academic use by teachers and students. This is because of its wide storage capacity that ranges up to 30 terabytes. Students have a space to store documents out of paper and spacious and that cannot be destroyed by physical means. This has boosted academics so much.

Google books

This google books is a platform from google Inc. that searches the full text of books and even magazines that it has scanned and has converted into texts. Education has been enhanced with the availability of texts for study. This has great benefits to the students learning.

Google calendar

Is helps students with notifications about classes available. It ensures that no student misses to attend a class just because he forgot. It gives updates for everything that it has been commanded to remind. Google is a tool where education is enhanced by all means.



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